Senior Cases of Head Lice

In places where so many people are kept together such as senior home care facilities, these are usually breeding grounds for parasites such as lice. This is due to the fact that the lice have relative ease in spreading around from person to person. Since many of these senior citizens come in contact with their grandchildren (whom are in target range for lice problems), it’s the assumption that the lice come from the kids. 

Head lice removal treatment for senior citizens can be an issue because of existing health problems due to age. This could be things like agitation from lice killing shampoos, conditioners, and other chemicals. 

We have found that the best way to stop the head lice epidemic from happening within senior care homes is to provide education on prevention. These are things seniors can do on a day to day basis in order to prevent lice from entering they’re scalp. It’s more than possible to get a hold of lice prevention shampoos which don’t contain any harmful pesticides. They’re available to be used for seniors, provide gentle care and long term usage. 

If you operate a senior care facility and would like more information on lice removal/prevention, or are in the care of a senior – don’t hesitate to give us a call at 914.424.1367. We look forward to speaking with you.