Head Lice Removal for North Tarrytown, NY

Has your child or children received a lice infestation? If so, we’re very sorry to hear about it. Don’t worry though, it’s not the time to panic. At The Lice Expert of Westchester we have been providing the very best in lice prevention and eradication since 1997 to residents all over North Tarrytown, New York. You can always count on us for immediate service, attentive care and a child-friendly environment.

Although we’re technically based out of Dobbs Ferry, we have technicians that are more than willing to travel out to your home or place of residence in North Tarrytown to perform a lice removal procedure. Our technicians are highly trained lice experts that know how to spot infestations and carry all the right tools with them to get the job done right. This way you won’t be coming back unsatisfied because the lice have returned.

We always stress that any potential client out there go with a professional for treatment rather than attempt any homemade remedies or over-the-counter treatments. These days, lice have become largely resistant to these types of methods. You’ll need someone that has experience and professional grade, non-toxic shampoos and conditioners to get the lice removed properly and permanently. Call The Lice Expert of Westchester today for the best in treatment.

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