Head Lice Removal Experts In White Plains, NY

Thanks for visiting The Lice Expert of Westchester, home of the “Original Lice Expert of Dobbs Ferry/Westchester.”
We specialize in providing fast and affordable head lice removal to residents all over White Plains, NY and the New York Tri-State Area. Reputations take years to build and only seconds to destroy. Fortunately, we have performed hundreds and hundreds of successful lice removals for happy clients eager to get rid of their creepy crawlers.

Our process is very simple, yet meticulous so that we don’t miss any details. In this line of work, details are very important. It’s our job to evaluate the lice infestation on our customer’s scalp and get rid of every last one so they don’t come back again. We use a variety of non-toxic, child safe & friendly tools to help remove head lice. These include:

  • Backlit Magnifying Glass
  • Steel Nit Comb
  • Lice Logic Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Good Old Fashioned Manual Labor & Inspection

For our customers that require head lice removal in White Plains, NY – we start with a detailed inspection of your child’s scalp. After our technician is able to determine the severity, we’ll begin applying lice logic shampoo. Keep in mind that this has been tested in labs all across the country and is proven to kill 99% of all lice, nits and eggs within 30 minutes tops!

After the shampoo sits, we use a nit comb to manually pull out each and every nit. This is a pretty big requirement because most shampoos just aren’t strong enough to wash away nits attached to hair strands. They need to be pulled out manually.

Once this is all complete, we’ll give your child’s scalp another wash and send you on your way with products and documentation on how to prevent further head lice infestations. If you need head lice removal in White Plains, NY , don’t hesitate to call Dale Longworth The “Original Lice Expert of Dobbs Ferry/Westchester.”