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Head Lice Removal for Pocantico Hills,

When you or your child is suffering from a Lice Infestation in Pocantico Hills, NY you need to seek out a Head Lice Removal Service immediately. There are many common mistakes made by parents that can make the infestation harder to remove or increase the longevity of the infestation. One of the most common mistakes made is using a hairdryer. This is bad for two reasons; some head lice scalp treatments have flammable ingredients. Secondly, because you can cause the spreading of lice into your home by blowing them off of the hair.

Its important not to use any shampoos or conditioners in combination with the removal medicine. This can prevent the medicine for working at its potential. Furthermore, you do not want to wash your child’s hair for at least 48 hours after the initial application. This can also weaken the medicine. If the medicine is not effective in removing the lice it is important that you do not attempt to use it several more times. This typically means a different medicine may be necessary.

Remember, head lice are not a symptom of bad hygiene. These infestations are fairly common across people of all ages, in all areas of the world. To prevent the spread of head lice make sure that your children follow these guidelines.

  • Do not have head to head contact with other kids, even while playing.
  • Do not share hats, brushes, combs, towels, helmets, or anything that goes on someone else’s head. 
  • Make sure kids do not use bedding, pillows,carpets, rugs, or covers used by other kids who recently had lice. 
  • Every few days check your kids scalp if they have been around anyone with lice.
  • Keep an eye out for the irremovable white, gray, tan, or brown dots that are actually nits. 

Head Lice Removal for Lincolndale, NY


In Lincolndale, NY head lice removal is just as necessary as anywhere else. The head louse is a very small insect that has its home in human hair. The lice create their habitat in the hairs of the head because of its closeness to the scalp. The scalp is only covered by a thin layer of skin and therefore it can be pierced and allow for the drawing of blood easily. Lice are not rare at all specifically in kids. Lice are in fact contagious and persistent. Fortunately lice do not spread disease, although if they are not removed in time they can pave the way for infection. Despite the small size of head lice they can be seen by the naked eye. You need to look for nits which
are lice eggs.

They are typically yellow, brown, tan, or an off white and they look like small dots. These nits are found close to the scalp because the temperature is ideal for keeping the eggs warm and safe. Many confuse nits with dandruff because of their similar appearance, however, the main difference is nits cannot be removed by shaking or brushing the hair. Adult Lice are about the size of a small seed and appear gray, white, or tannish. Nymphs which are baby lice take about 10 days to grow until they resemble this appearance. Most adult lice can survive for two days off of the scalp. This is why it is incredibly important to sanitize your clothing, bedding and household after a lice infestation in Lincolndale, NY.

If you need help, call the lice removal experts so we can send a technician out to you in Lincolndale, NY. Call 914.424.1367.

Head Lice Removal for Scotts Corners,

Head Lice Treatment for Removal is the recommended choice for anyone with an infestation in Scotts Corners, NY. Pediculicides are the recommended medicine for those with infestations. These are medicines specifically engineered to eliminate lice. These medicines also have ovoidal purposes, in other words they kill the eggs as well. While in treatment some measures should be used in combination with the medicine as well. For example all clothing, hats, pillows, pillow cases, bedding, and scarves can be washed and dried in a hot water cycle. This is because lice and their eggs cannot survive temperatures above 128 degrees Fahrenheit. Following the treatment instructions of the medicine it is important that you do not combine it with typical shampoos or conditioners.

This will only reduce the effectiveness of the prescription medicine. If lice are still found living in the hair after 8 hours you may need a second dose. However, if the lice are noticeably weakened, or moving slowly it may mean the medicine simply needs more time. Follow this by combing the remaining lice out of the hair with a fine tooth comb. If the lice are still active after 8 hours it may not constitute\ a second dose. It may in fact mean a different medicine is necessary. It is important to consult The Lice Expert of Westchester so we can send someone out to treat your lice infestation in Scotts Corners, NY. Call 914.424.1367.

Head Lice Removal Services for Greenburgh, NY

Are you noticing your kids starting to scratch at their scalps with no ease of comfort? It’s time to look into a head lice screening. Head lice only takes a few seconds to jump from one person’s head to another, so it spreads fairly quickly; however, when examined by a professional, head lice is easy to combat.

The Lice Expert of Westchester has been removing lice from thousands of heads for nearly two decades now with a success rate of a whopping ninety nine percent. Don’t waste your time with over the counter lice removal solutions, often times they don’t remove all of the lice and become a waste of money as well. Teach your kids early not to share brushes, hats, or hoodies with their peers so you can avoid lice as much as possible.

Our high grade products such as Lice Logic will leave your child’s head without any nits or bugs to be found in just thirty minutes time in Greenburgh, New York. Don’t waste your time if you suspect your child has lice, call Lice Off today.

Head Lice Removal for Eastview, NY

Since 1997, Dale Longworth (The founder of The Lice Expert of Westchester) has been successfully removing Lice and nits from children’s heads all over the New York Tri-State area. We specialize removals as well as prevention and education.

In fact, when it comes to schools and camps, we are more than happy to visit and provide seminars or lice checks. This is a smart way to keep lice outbreaks from spreading at camp or your school. We have a conveniently based salon in Dobbs Ferry but can come out to visit your school in Eastview or anywhere in the Tri-State area.

Our removal methods will vary from person to person depending on the severity of the infestation but we largely take the following steps into account:

  • Identification
  • Shampoo
  • Comb
  • Condition
  • Dry

After we’re all done and feel confident that all of the lice have been removed, our technician will give you literature as well as advice on how to make sure those nasty Lice never come back again. We’d also like to schedule a follow-up appointment with you to make sure that the lice problem has become non-existent.

Call 914.424.1367 to schedule an appointment with us for fast lice eradication.