About Dale Longworth (The Lice Expert of Westchester)

identity-Lice-Expert-of-Westchester-NY-0021“I’m Dale Longworth, the founder of The Lice Expert of Westchester and a Professional Lice Specialist. Since 1997, I have been known as the Original Lice & Nit Removal Expert of Dobbs Ferry from Westchester (formerly known as Mothers Against Lice). I have removed lice and eggs from thousands of clients for 18 years of business. I am someone with a great deal of patience, great skills, experience, dedication, and who loves children. After my experience with my daughter 19 years ago with head lice, I opened my lice business to educate and help other people.

“My experience with lice has taught me to persevere on getting rid of it. I am a professional lice specialist who is very knowledgeable and successful in treating lice and making it go away using all natural “Go Green” products. I have developed a successful lice-ridding regiment and a special combing technique that removes all of the the louse bugs and attached eggs on the hair shafts. I have qualified and experienced lice specialists that do house team-Lice-Expert-of-Westchester-NY-0019calls to homes, schools, and camps. I treat clients in my home in Dobbs Ferry which have two full-service, kid-friendly salons that are air-conditioned, heated, equipped with lollipops, free products, prizes, toys, WI-FI, magazines, and a big screen TV tuned to kids’ programming.”

“When I first started my business 18 years ago, head lice were a seasonal problem. Their emergence as a year-round scourge is, in my opinion, linked to global warming and resistance to over-the-counter pesticides, leaving the only effective and safe way to treat the problem is through natural, non-toxic products, “ says Dale Longworth, The Lice Expert of Westchester.

“Over these years, I’ve identified the best products including a company, LiceLogic that makes a natural “Go Green” shampoo that kills the bugs and eggs within 30 minutes (it has been tested in 3 laboratories and is considered to be the most effective lice treatment on the market today) and a special combing technique for removing the lice eggs.

team-Lice-Expert-of-Westchester-NY-0023“In addition, my maintenance follow-up after the 1st treatment is only 4 to 7 days and the lice cycle is broken. Since my lice shampoo is so effective and I give out free products, it can help spare parents the frustration of running from place to place to collect everything they need to effectively fight lice and also ease their minds that lice will go away in just 7 days. As a professional Lice Expert since 1997, I have spent the majority of my time making sure that every parent knows all the important lice facts and prevention measures about head lice in today’s society. I believe the best way to prevent lice is to educate yourself and your child about how to avoid contracting them” says Dale Longworth.

Remember if you are at your “nits” end, there are Lice Removal Services companies in Westchester that can help you . Dale Longworth, the Lice Expert of Dobbs Ferry is one such business that has dedicated her time and expertise in providing lice removal services to both the young and old while instilling a positive attitude to those affected. You can read about me and lice facts in this article from Westchester Magazine.